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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Post by: Automotive

Lexus RX450h has been completely redesigned for 2010, and Lexus has introduced minor changes to the year 2011. Over the years, Lexus has been setting the standard for the crossover segment, Lexus decided that messing with success is not the way to go.

The new RX is grown in almost all its dimensions than previous generations, but the end result is a better looking vehicle overall. While the previous generation RX looked bubble, the new RX has sharp bends and its maximum and then give an attractive appearance.

The new RX headlights, taillights and grille are much more aerodynamic and a spoiler mounted on the roof gives it a sporty look. Lexus identifies with hybrid formations Logos blue-trimmed, tinted headlights, tail lights and our test vehicle also came with 19-inch wheels. We think Lexus has done a great job in refining the exterior of the 2011 RX450h and it's really a vehicle other than looking over the competition.

Lexus 450h shares the inside with his brother, non-hybrid, the only difference is the display that shows information about hybrid. Like any other Lexus, the interior quality is first rate and the RX is loaded with high-tech options such as heads-up display, CD changer, navigation with Bluetooth audio and XM Satellite Radio. The best thing about the RX is the Remote Controller that really puts the Touch iDrive and similar systems to shame. We played with the controller and were amazed to see how simple life can be.

RX 450h is powered by 3.5 liter V6 is carried over from last year's model with the combined production of 295 horses. The Atkinson cycle V6 with the help of electric motors hour increases fuel economy by about 10% over the previous generation RX. Lexus engineers have mounted a DC 288V Ni-MH battery under the rear seats that receives power from two or three engines, depending on FWD or AWD configurations.

Overall, we believe that Lexus has really learned this segment of the crossover and now with a hybrid variant are a force to reckon with. It 's true that there is someone available for Highlander Hybrid does not want to spend more than $ 51K, but Lexus has a cult following. In this day and age we all pay for the brand and Lexus RX450h is no different. So if you have a small family and are cautious green then RX450h is a perfect purchase. It is a crossover of performance, but anyone in the market for a hybrid is well aware of this fact. We really think that Lexus RX450h is for someone who cares about energy efficiency, yet still want luxury - Lexus RX450h is exactly that!
source: Lexus Press


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