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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Straightforward character matches crammed with a variety of flow both elegant and sporty look as if a modification shortcut for All New Honda Civic.

So no one and no doubt if Dan Arista incorporated in Pekanbaru comunity Question Mark chose the concept of street racing cars lansiran look at this 2007.

"If the others steadily with extreme look, elegant look if I Amendment to the street racing like this," said doi. He started working outside the sector, aka the cabin exterior, a set of body kit Type-R as if in harmony with his chosen theme MODIF.

Rays Volk rims 16 "is entwined with 225/35 tires Accelera MODIF perfectly supports this concept. Furthermore, with a distinctive sporty knacks laden street racing like the engine hood, trunk door handles carbon hood up Mugen wing spoiler and GT.

Pushed into the cabin, interior coloring is challenging or contrast with the exterior. Wrap the red color dominates in suede upholstery and also doortrim Bridge. Seatbelt, pedal sets, and took shiftknob Momo products which are equally sporty aura. Pivot tachometer knacks or gaugemeter Autogauge not useless because the sector is tilled ciamik follow-up machine.

TD turbocharger 05 with HKS blow off enough to bring a unique style of turbo engines roar of engines. Not in vain the building exterior and the interior was perfect, the articles in the sector are also equally perfect engine with turbo fitter with water filters and supported HKS intercooler. Brand Until HKS exhaust would not let go for adoption. .: Photo / text: DNR

BODY KIT: Type R, wheels: Volk Rays 16 ", BAN: Accelera 225/35/16, exhaust: HKS, KAP MACHINE / BAGGAGE / DOOR Handle: Carbon, spoiler: Mugen, Jok: Bridge, seatbelt: Momo, tachometer: Pivot, GAUGEMETER: Autogauge, pedal SET / SHIFTKNOB: Momo, TURBO: TD 2005, Timer: Blitz, Blow OFF / AIR FILTER / COOLER INTER: HKS, power amplifier / subwoofer / Tweeter: Venom


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