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Monday, November 15, 2010

Citroen DS3 Racing Edition Limited Design

Citroen DS3 Racing Edition Limited Design

Citroen DS3 Racing Edition Limited Design

Citroen DS3 Racing Edition Limited Design

The Citroen DS3 Antagonism copy is a bound run archetypal of alone 1000 units to be produced that will get apparent abutting ages at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show.

The Citroen DS3 Antagonism copy appearance assorted carbon akin elements and motorsports accessories while the 1.6-litre THP 150 agent from beneath the beanie has been optimized and is now spitting out 200 application and 275 Nm of torque. With chip carbon-trimmed apparatus and specialist motorsports equipment, DS3 Racing’s acquainted and turbo-charged 1.6-litre THP 150 agent develops 200hp - a ability access of about 30% over the accepted assemblage - with a torque access of 15% from 240Nm to 275Nm.

To accomplish the added ability output, from 156hp to 200hp, Citroën Racing’s engineers acclimatized and optimised the powertrain components, acquainted the achievement of the turbo and acclimatized the mapping of the agent ascendancy unit. A appropriate appendage aqueduct and muffler were additionally added.

Allowing DS3 Antagonism to stick to the road, the car has undergone some cogent antic enhancements. The council has been fabricated alike added precise, with the ascendancy arrangement acclimatized for the new tyres. The fitment of stiffer abeyance springs, acclimatized avant-garde and rear shock absorbers (to handle the added power), and the accession of the avant-garde and rear advance by 30mm - added blurred the car by 15mm - all badly change the active dynamics.

These important developments reinforce both the adherence and activating ascendancy of the car, and enhance the acknowledgment amid the alley and the driver.

The braking arrangement has additionally been up-rated to ensure ascendancy over the car’s added horsepower. The avant-garde auto get 4-piston antagonism callipers and appropriate disc-brakes - with accomplished discs at the rear. For added control, the ESP has been acclimatized to accompaniment the sportier handling, but can be able according to the driver’s preference.

In accession to the distinctive, abolitionist administration of DS3, the new Antagonism copy inherits Citroën Racing’s ability in motorsport architecture to accommodate avant-garde abstruse and stylistic antic prowess.

The examination model, to be presented at Geneva, is in a appropriate accouter and appearance adventurous ‘DS3’, ‘Citroën Racing’ and chequered banderole cartoon on the roof, in avant-garde of the rear caster arches, beneath the ancillary mirrors and abutting to the ammunition cap.

Measuring 3.94m long, DS3 Racing’s aphotic blah anatomy is alluringly assorted with a vibrant, ablaze orange-coloured roof, ancillary mirrors and anchor callipers. The admixture auto and avant-garde grille beleaguer - with chip chevrons - are accomplished in orange chrome.

A adventurous carbon accomplishment is acclimated about the avant-garde bumper, lower anatomy trim and addition extensions, whilst ample 18” admixture wheels, chrome aperture handles and alike a chrome-finished bankrupt complete the activating styling.

Inside the cabin, acute carbon trim adorns the dashboard, centre console, council caster embellisher, armrests and aperture ancillary mouldings. The active orange bodywork and decals abide into the berth with the ablaze band of the dash, accessory stick and accessory stick beleaguer accomplished in the aforementioned ablaze tone. The sporty, figure-hugging seats are additionally affected with orange elements and are arresting with ‘Citroën Racing’.

A DS3 Antagonism signature on the rear tailgate and an alone numbered identification bowl anchored to the roof-lining added affirm the model’s exclusivity.

On the road, DS3 Racing’s WRC full-blooded is evident. Benefiting from Citroën’s all-encompassing ability of antagonism dynamics, a carbon-finished air diffuser stabilises the car at aerial speeds, whilst the anatomy and abeyance accept been acclimatized to accommodate alike added precision, control, sportier administration and swifter cornering.

Based on the absolute DSport powered by the THP 150, assembly CCitroen DS3 Racing Edition Limited Design editions will be accomplished in a appropriate branch and adapted with a genitalia kit developed according to Citroën Antagonism specifications.


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