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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Here is a list of things to think about before modifying your new car.

  • Make sure the car modifications you are planning do not void the existing warranty on the automobile.
  • Only use proven, recommended aftermarket parts which are covered by their own warranty.
  • Don’t choose aftermarket parts based on their affordability. Cheap parts can lead to expensive repairs.
  • Try to stick with one brand for powertrain modifications. This will ensure everything works properly and efficiently.
  • If you are replacing existing components which are still in good shape, such as an exhaust or rims, ask for them back so that you can resell them. You mechanic will resell them so you might as well try for yourself.
  • Don’t modify your car thinking of it as an investment. You’ll rarely get the money back that you put into it. Do it to have fun.
  • Let your insurance company know you will be modifying your car. They may refuse any claims you make regarding a collision or stolen goods if you do not check with them first.
  • If you are leasing your vehicle, you may be unable to modify it. Check with your leasing company first.
  • Ensure that all modifications are street legal and safe.
  • If your car modifications attract a lot of attention, install a good quality alarm system.
  • Car modifications can increase power, efficiency, and the looks of your vehicle. Try to use common sense and remember to drive safely.


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