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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Dodge Challenger SRT8 by CULT Energy Drink

Anyone who loves a finely tuned automobile should be in attendance at the upcoming SEMA Show. This particular show creates a tuning atmosphere that can be appreciated by just about anyone, but can be truly heavenly to the avid enthusiasts that look for ways to enhance a car’s styling, functionality, comfort, convenience, and safety. I may be difficult to choose a crowd favorite amidst the growing number of improved models, but one vehicle may just be our favorite so far. Meet the special Dodge Challenger SRT8 customized by CULT Energy Drink.

A feast for the eyes, this Challenger looks the part of an aggressively mean car prepared to take out anyone that may get in its way. One of the only details we know about the car is that it features a one-off, hand-fabricated wide body kit that provides some extra girth to the already masculine car. It also does not run on racing fuel.

We can’t imagine that a car that looks like this doesn’t carry an equally insane motor to push out astronomical power. It is rumored that this Challenger is carrying a 5.7L V8 HEMI with its intake manifold, clearly, popping out of the car’s hood. To say that we are excited to see the Cult’s newest project at this year’s SEMA show is as much of an understatement as we can possibly muster. This car is simply badass and it’s one that could be perfectly suited for a next generation Mad Max!


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