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Friday, April 9, 2010

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Maranello, is now available on the first photo and information about the new 599 GTO, extreme V12 Berlinetta developed for a brief orientation on specific performance. The 599 GTO, in fact, the fastest ever road car company. This is an exclusive special limited edition, in true Ferrari tradition, is an entirely new concept, although inspired by a production car. Actually based on the 599XX 599 GTO, the car advanced experimental songs, and can be considered almost road-going version.

GTO 599 599 are provided only for clients who are looking for maximum expression of high-performance driving. 599 GTO directly benefit from the transfer of technology from racing and set the record at Fiorano lap time in 1'24 ".

Fiorano lap time to provide only one indication of the potential of this car. Just as significant are the technical specifications - 670 hp in a 1495kg car is a ratio of weight-for-the power of only 2.23 kg / hp, and ensure the 0-100 km / h acceleration time of just 3.35 "and a top speed of more than 335 km / h

Fundamental to the performance of GTO is an innovative approach to developing the chassis, for the first time on a production car, saw the integration between the handling of the set-up according to the level of response which is close to the limit and very sophisticated electronic controls. The result is nearly complete lack of understeer and chassis really communicative.

Like Ferrari's policy, any new features Ferrari's new solutions for road cars. So the 599 GTO is equipped with the latest, second generation carbon-ceramic brakes are lighter and offer better performance, new aerodynamic innovations, such as wheel donuts that increase aerodynamic efficiency and to improve brake cooling, and Supersport tire developed by Michelin, including a wider front tire for greater roadholding. Driver interface is also new to the implementation of the Virtual Race Engineer (VRE) that provides drivers with immediate information on the performance.

599 GTO is more aggressive character also appears in a number of elements which recall the style of 599XX and a strong voice from the V12.

The GTO (Gran Turismo Omologata) moniker direct calls to mind both the Ferrari that has entered the collective imagination as a symbol of performance. After the 1962 250 GTO, which swept the board in GT racing category in 1960 and is now a very valuable collector's car, came by its iconic 1984 GTO, which basically created a whole genre of modern supercars.

Special web including photos, videos and interviews on a new car, while an exclusive preview to a small number of clients Ferrari will be held on 14 April at the Military Academy in Modena. The public debut of the 599 GTO would likely be in the Beijing International Motor Show in late April.


Engine and gearbox

GTO 599 engine is derived directly from the unit 599XX execution, but the modifications required for the road-going homologation. Thus, in accordance with the Euro 5 and LEV 2 standards. The 5999 cc 65-degree V12 engine blows out 670 CV at 8250 rpm with maximum torque of 620 Nm at 6500 rpm and there's a rush, smooth constant power all the way to redline with no loss of flexibility even at low and medium revs. This result is obtained by working on-fluid dynamics and components to reduce internal friction and by adopting, inter alia, a redesigned crankshaft 599XX. The car also has a racing-type intake system with a new intake manifold with a geometry diffuser-type and short inlet channel is designed to increase the supply of power at high revs and reduce losses. To maximize the volumetric efficiency per cylinder, Connections between the two plenums in front to compensate the volume variation. This is how the engineers managed to achieve maximum performance at high engine speeds. Engine noise in the car carefully controlled to balance the intake with the exhaust sound, which is equipped with a manifold 6-to-1-derived 599XX.

599 GTO of the same features, lower 60 ms time shift and the possibility to make some downshifts as in the 599XX.


One of the most significant innovation of the 599 GTO is a high correlation between the chassis set-up, which is close to the limits of handling, and input from the electronic control was developed to improve the overall performance level.

Because of the very early state of development of two cars', Maranello engineers work to ensure that these two areas of the car will be smooth so that push to limit the integrated response. The result is, of course, the involvement of superlatives and drive a lap faster. Apart from the new pool and bar rear anti-roll stiffness, the car is also equipped with magnetorheological suspension system of the second generation control (SCM2). suspension work closely with the VDC (Vehicle Dynamic Control) and the latest generation of traction control-F1-Trac. This makes the car very responsive to driver input - thanks in part to the application of very direct steering ratio - but also very stable under braking, sharper on turn-in, which is more appropriate in faster cornering and out of the corner.


599 GTO inherited most of the construction work - by using the same principles as used in F1 - that went into making cars 599XX such extreme performance. Losing weight is an important goal and the result is the extensive use of composites and components manufactured with technology that is more similar to racing specifications. Areas involved include bodywork and in the greenhouse (with thin gauge aluminum and glass thinner), brakes, transmissions and exhaust systems. The result was 1495 kg dry weight and ratio of weight-for-the power of only 2.23 kg / hp, a significant figure that underscores the potential for GTO's performance.


599 GTO aerodynamics which has benefited significantly from the experience in F1 and Ferrari engineer with 599XX which allows downforce will be greatly increased without impacting on the drag. Thank you for the solution to be transferred from the car lane road-going version, GTO that produce as much as 144 kg of downforce at 200 km / h. All Cars sharpening, including front, side, the flat underbody and cooling flows. In the second instance, GTO can count increase and ducting to a disc brake pads, and the adoption of a donut wheels - disc position outside the disc brakes which ensure that the hot air out wheelarch remain as close as possible to the car body to reduce drag.

Working on the car's nose was designed to reduce the width of wake generated by the front and thus reduces the drag. Lower front spoiler also has a separate wing that increases downforce on the front of the car and improve airflow to radiator oil cooler. On the sides there is a new threshold leading design more clearly that increases the efficiency of the center of the underbody. The underbody itself combine parts, new lower front with the front diffusers front wheels to optimize downforce, and the double curve of a new rear diffuser.


Here's the size difference between the front and rear tires have been changed. The GTO front tire is now 285/30 on 9.5 channels''with 315/35 in 11.5''in the rear channels. 599 GTO has 20''rims. Roll stiffness is greater at the rear to minimize understeer. This solution ensures increased lateral grip and turn a quick login


The CCM2 new braking system is lighter and even more consistent in high performance situations. Consistent coefficient of friction means that the ABS former can be calibrated to a particularly high level of achievement, further reducing cycle time, thanks to enhanced deceleration and stopping distance is shorter. In fact, it offers 100 599 GTO is very good for 0 km / h braking distance of just 32.5 meters. Like their role in improving the aerodynamics, wheel of a Formula 1 derived from the donut also improve braking efficiency by optimizing the cooling of the brakes.


Car-driver interface is designed to maximize the performance of the car and driver to the layout of the main command that ensures absolute efficiency and minimum disruption. The manettino Racing also places a strong emphasis on sporty driving track-specific settings by offering drivers a full choice of parameters associated with electronic controls. ICE's position on the 599 GTB Fiorano has been replaced by CT-Off (traction control off). GTO is also equipped with a bespoke, another F1 paddle-carbon fiber to be used more easily in high speed driving. Besides GTO also features a Virtual Race Engineer, a system that monitors the status of the car driver's visibility and provide direct vehicle performance.

GTO 599 technical specifications

Length: 4710 mm (185.4 in)
Width: 1962 mm (77.2 in)
Height: 1326 mm (52.2 in)
Wheelbase: 2750 mm (108.3 in)
Front track: 1701 mm (67.0 in)
Rear track: 1618 mm (63.7 in)
* Dry Weight: 1495 kg (3296 pounds)
* Kerb weight: 1605 kg (3538 pounds)
Weight distribution: 47% front - 53% rear
Fuel tank capacity: 105 liters (27.7 U.S. gal/23.1 UK / gal)
Boot Volume: 320 liters (11.3 cu ft)

Type: V12 - 65 °
Bore & stroke: 92 x 75.2 mm (3.62 x 2.96 in)
Unitary displacement: 499.9 cc (30.51 cu in)
Total displacement: 5999 cc (366.08 cu in)
Compression ratio: 11.2:1
Maximum power: 500 kW (670 CV) at 8250 rpm
Maximum torque: 620 Nm (457 pounds / ft) at 6500 rpm

F1 + 6-speed reverse

Control SCM2 - Supension Magnetorheological

Front: 285/30 ZR20''
Rear: 315/35 ZR20''

Front: 398 x 38 mm (15.7 x 1.5 in)
Rear: 360 x 32 mm (14.2 x 1.3 ins)

CST with F1-Trac: traction and stability control
TPTMS: Tyre pressure and temperature monitoring system

Maximum speed: more than 335 km / h (over 208 mph)
0-100 km / h (0-62 mph): 3.35 sec

Combined cycle (ECE) *: 17.5 l/100 km
CO2 emissions
Combined Cycle (ECE) *: 411 g / km
* European Version

source: Ferrari Press


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