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Friday, February 5, 2010

Post by: Automotive
- Super-GT Limited small series manufacturer Carlsson
- Edition includes only 25 cars and thus ensure maximum exclusivity
- Carlsson combine top performance with drivability
- Carlsson's own fully developed design vocabulary

Carlsson is approved as a car manufacturer by the Federal Motor Transport Authority of Germany, for the first time brings together a car which developed itself in this year's Geneva Motor Show which Carlsson C25. Super GT concept is based on the vision of combining the maximum driving performance with the design of an entirely new and highly exclusive.

The result is a beautiful liver and sports coup with 753 hp in a limited edition of only 25 cars in the world. Thus, each car will be as individual as the owner of the future. We only build cars to order and delivery quantity for the year 2010 already sold out, says CEO, Dipl. Ing. (FH) Mark Schuster.

With 753 hp and 1150 Newton meters in 3.7 seconds from 0 to 100 km / h

Performance data from the six-liter V12 Bi-Turbo is impressive. Aggregate high performance motor management optimization patented by Carlsson renders 753 hp (554 kW) and allows rapid acceleration and smooth running at lower speeds. Also responsible for excellent performance is a complex evolvement developed stainless steel exhaust system with four end up in troubled pipe at the back.

Strength of C25 with slingshots Newton meters of torque at 1320 rpm electronically limited 3750 at 1150 Newton meters from 0 to 100 km / h in just 3.7 seconds and reaches a maximum speed of 352 km / h

The perfect combination of top performance and maximum driveability

When developing Carlsson C25, the engineers from the Gut Wiesenhof has achieved to create a Super-GT for smooth day-to-day use, although very high performance. There are more than enough super sports car in this world that can only be safely driven on a race track, said Mark Schuster. Therefore, we deliberately wanted to develop a very exclusive car in one hand and can be used for daily trips to work on the other side. Therefore, Super-GT can accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in just 3.7 seconds and still offer very good ride comfort. All security-relevant regulations such as pedestrian protection, crash behavior, ESP, ABS, Airbag system is identical to the series of editions with the most modern standards.

This is also achieved by lowering system C-tronic smart SUSPENSION automatically recognize the characteristics of the road and driving behavior and constantly adjust suspension settings accordingly. This not only resulted in a pleasant journey on the long path, but also ensures that the nodding and rolling motion of the C25 is reduced to a minimum speed curve while driving. Therefore, the car reaches the perfect road holding characteristics in every situation and create a feeling of absolute control.

Unlike the other cars from a small series, the C25 Carlsson has not only made for use on the racetrack. However, C25 achieving top results in the acceleration and handling. Compared with a racing engine with MOT approval, Carlsson C25 offers drivers smooth travel in Alpine passes and also on the streets of the city or even imperfect surface.

Maximum exclusivity confirmed with only one car per country

In addition to the extensive repairs, the Carlsson C25 offers the advantage that every Mercedes-Benz dealer can maintain a car. Like a car based on the latest Mercedes-Benz technology, no need to go to a garage, especially in the C25 Carlsson. This provides additional Carlsson C25 suitability for everyday use. In addition, Carlsson will present only one car per country and therefore an absolute guarantee of exclusivity for its customers.

Carlsson creating the perfect symbiosis of design and functionality

C25 emphasis on the status of this beautiful independent and unique design. Front vehicle with a lobe that extends between the shoulder tapering strongly expect the air to the front and a generous dimensioned side into trapezoidal shapes typical Carlsson supply engines with the necessary ventilation. Ultra-lightweight forged wheels 1 / 10 UL in the dimensions 9.5 x20 and 12x20 inches has been designed especially for C25 and equipped with high performance tires measuring 265/30 in front and 325/25 at the rear axle of life. One wheel weighs only 11.2 pounds, and because it is 40 percent lighter than the custom light alloy wheels.

Ventilation channels in the front and rear wheel houses Carlsson provide a brake system with 405 millimeter put a big race in the front disc brakes and 380-millimeter brake discs on the race of the rear axle with cool air. With this, Carlsson achieve a perfect symbiosis between design and functionality. The elongated flat screen and stuck back on the edge of the boot and ripped a double light diffuser generously dimensioned to make the necessary downthrust and C25 that does not require extensible spoiler. In order to emphasize the uniqueness of the C25, Carlsson has also developed a new rear and front headlights design.

Carlsson's interior is optimized for the driver

The new exterior is designed to resemble the interior as far as shape, color and function concerned. Trapezoidal characteristic elements in the front and rear are also found on the steering wheel. In the seat and center console is also used to shift shape. Instruments clearly turned toward the driver, shows the performance capabilities and improve ergonomics C25. Generous use of real carbon, tanned buffalo leather and ultra-suede specifically provides uniform color and exclusive user-friendly atmosphere. For reasons driveability, Carlsson deliberately refrained from race seats, race ropes, rollover and extreme lowering device.

With the C25, Carlsson confirmed his reputation as one of the most exclusive car manufacturers in the world. High technical competence, many years of experience in the construction of a car, an advanced sense of design and artistic elegance and German engineering make unique Carlsson C25 around the world.

source: Carlsson Press


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