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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Powered by the state-of-the-art (as claimed by Toyota) 1NZ-FE 1.5-litres inline 4-cylinder VVT-i DOHC engine capable of producing 109ps@6,000 rpm,the vios has managed to makes its presence felt and is fast gaining popularity among us.In the engine bay there's the 1NZ-FE engine that has been upgraded with the fitting of a few additinal bolt on parts.

Many would agree that the carbon fibre material it was a few of those highly durable and lightweight parts.For a start,there's a carbon fibre strut bar and a carbon fibre engine cover both from auto car show room.Then comes the brand AROSPEED with their attractive looking volt stabilizer and grounding wire kit.

Last but never the least that can be seen fitted in the engine bay would be the popular performance HKS air-filter that i guess would need no further explanation in regards to its function and purpose!.

Let's move on the handling and braking of this toyota Vios,shall we? in creating a better handling, the original shocks of this Vios has been paired with Tanabe sport springs, which i think is a popular choice among Vios owners.For time being, this combination is working well and up to the owner's expectations.Most suits his driving style!. As for the brakes, this vios still relying on its original system, which consists of 14-inch ventilated disc for the front and drum for the rear.

Any changes done onto the transmission?.Well, sorry to disappoint you guys but this vios is still using the original 4speed automatic transmission but just to let you guys know.


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