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Friday, July 17, 2009

The American tuning specialist Switzer Performance has set a target to attain 800hp for its latest Porsche GT2 project while running on 93 octane gas. The car comes with an efficient linear power and torque curves that’s gentle on the driver and a final dyno figure that demonstrates it has attained its goals. The car performs superbly on the road even at this level of potency and who knows what it can do on the tracks at the hands of a professional

This is a moment too powerful to be taken lightly, too special to be considered ironically, too vital to examine with any pretense of journalistic impartiality. I am seated behind the wheel of an absolutely perfect, fully-loaded, brand-new Porsche GT2, unwinding the wheel at the exit of Nelson Ledges Road Course’s Carousel turn. Next to me, the car’s owner, entrepreneur and bon vivant David Kim, has planted himself squarely into the GT2’s fixed-back passenger-side bucket, rigid with anticipation. There is traffic ahead, several cars varying from Improved Touring racers to tuned-up street Hondas. It’s time to accelerate, so I press the right pedal into the carpet.


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