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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Guys!! Recently we have managed to source a perodua kancil that has been through quite some modification for you guys, especially those who a K-Kar lovers.Due to its 'mod values' ,i decided to make it the main attraction for this time K-Kar section.Most of us know that one of the most efficient method in gaining that extra horsepower is by having an engine swap prosess and i would say that most K-Kar enthusiasts would have that in mind as the top of their list in their mod plans.
An engine swap (to a bigger or more powerful engine) not only guarantees power increase but it is also quite affordable.
Guess these are reasons enough for the owner of this perodua kancil to have an engine swap for his ride. The choice of substitute engine would be none other than the turbocharged Daihatsu L512, which is known to be a popular choice among local K-Kar owners. Why Daihatsu engines?....., compatibility would definitely be one of the main reasons for perodua owners to go for these engines. The cost in obtaining the L512 (according to my source) is estimated at $xxxxx and that does not include engine installation cost.I'am informed that the installation work was done by a workshop in xxx as xxxxx Autopart. The turbocharged L512 engine is known to be a capable engine that would be more than enough for a lightweight car such as this perodua kancil. For your info,the original EF-CL 659cc engine is capable of producing 31ps @ 6,400rpm.
Hmmmm..... futhermore the owner seem to be satisfied with such figure.Satisfied?i'm saying this because till now this engine still maintains its original specification. Apart from the engine, this perodua kancil has also been fitted with L512 series E.C.U.
Changes were also focused on the exhaust system and at present it is fitted with a complete RS-R Rasing exhaust system. I would say that upgrading the exhaust system is becoming a norm in any engine upgrade in order to create a better flow for engine gasses.
However, the choice of material, diameter including length would be vital in order to create a combination that really works! Apart from the performance factor ,many would upgrade their exhaust system simply to experience a 'spotier' exhaust note.
For this perodua kancil , upgrades were also focused onto the suspension system in creating a better handling. According to the owner , the shock and springs fitted onto his ride is from the name auto jewel.As for the braking system, a complete L512 brake system has been fitted in replacing the original ones. The newly fitted braking has proven to be able to tame such engine.
Moving onto the rims and tyres of choice for this perodua kancil !. The rims of choice are 14-inch Mytale rims, which are seen paired with 155/55R14 Kumbo tyres.
Hmmm.....bigger rims and wider tyres would mean better traction and control eh!! Is that all??.
Guess not, as the appearance was also given some creative touch by the owner!.Obviously the striking hi-quality body paint would be the main attraction after which comes the added bodykit that is from the Daihatsu L512 models. I wonder whether it can still be referred to as a perodua kancil after the fitting of all the L512 parts?.
Before parting, i was shown the details in cost of the upgrading of this perodua kancil by the owner. A staggering figure of RM30,000,00! Wow ...that's quite a huge sum of RMs eh but most performance enthusiasts would agree that it's a norm for one to be spending huge sum of RM in persuit of their dream car and passion.
Last but never the least, this perodua kancil has also been fitted with a sunroof and Kenwood audio system. There's also quite a few additional gauges that can be seen and they include an A'PEXi boost meter,A'PEXi exhaust temperature meter, A'PEXi boost controller,A'PEXi timer and a shift light from Autometer.
This perodua kancil is the auto car show and it made by Malaysian.


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